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Part 1 FBI UCR Crimes
Part 2 FBI UCR Crimes
Aggravated Assault Offenses
Arson Offenses
Burglary Offenses
DUI Offenses
Homicide Offenses
Misdemeanor Theft/Shoplifting Offenses
Motor Vehicle Theft Offenses
Narcotics Charges
Robbery Offenses
Sex Offenses
Assault (Aggravated) Calls
Auto Theft Calls
Burglary Calls for Service
Calls for Service Alleging a Sex Crime has occurred
DUI Related Accidents
DUI Reports
Fraud (Includes Frauds by Internet and Phone)
Homicide Calls for service
Injury Accidents
Narcotics Investigations
Reported Overdose/ Overdose Deaths
Theft/ Shoplifting Calls
Total Traffic Accidents in City Limits
Traffic Stops
Vehicle Burglaries